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Prof. Joe Salvatore is a Faculty Fellow in Residence at NYU's Third North residence hall. Author Craig Hamrick is his partner. Together they host events for 3N residents.

Welcome to Third North!!

We're looking forward to working with this year's incoming freshmen at Third North. We're part of the 3N community -- we live in the North Tower with out cats Buster and Dusty -- and throughout the year, we host programs designed to help you get the most out of your first year at NYU. (Buster and Dusty are also happy to get visits from students missing their own kitties back home.)

We have lots of fun and interesting events planned for the semester, including theatre outings; a visit from a nutritionist, who'll tell you the healthiest eating options in the neighborhood; an informal opportunity to meet NYU President John Sexton in the Third North coffee house; plus photography and acting workshops, and much more.

Last year we started a series called "Meet the Artist @3N" featuring visits from actors, writers, and filmmakers with strong connections to New York City -- including Anthony Rapp (star of Rent), Denise Nickerson (Violet, "the Blueberry Girl," from the classic film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory"; and NYU graduate Brian Sloan (award-winning filmmaker and author -- writer/director of such films as "I Think I Do," and "Boys Life IV: Bumping Heads"). This semester the series will continue, starting with a visit from Donna McKechnie, Tony-winning star of the original Broadway production of "A Chorus Line."

Several times a semester we also host small events in our apartment, like "movie nights" and study breaks, so we can get a chance to meet residents and hear about your concerns and interests. We especially like to hear about what kind of programs you'd like to see us present -- either in person or by emailing us at

We can't wait to meet you all. You'll start seeing flyers and banners about our events soon.


On September 13, 3N residents get to meet NYU's President, on our own turf!


NYU President John Sexton will kick off the "Office Hours @3N" series, as our first guest, in the coffee house at 7:30pm. Other NYU professors will visit the building for future "Office Hours" events.

During an informal Q&A session, residents will have a chance to ask President Sexton questions and then interact with him on a one-on-one basis. Please stop by and take advantage of this rare opportunity to get to know the head of one of the biggest universities in the U.S.

The Blizzard of '06 Hit Third North

Craig and the cats opted to stay inside during last February's record-breaking snow storm, but Joe's desire for a cup of Starbucks coffee led him out into the thick of things. He took along a camera -- so you can click here to see more of his photos of our neighborhood under two-plus feet of snow.



Check Out Photos of Our Previous Events @3N !

Anthony Rapp, star of Rent, visited Third North November 9, 2005, to conduct a Master Class with a group of residents, sponsored by Joe and Craig. Click here to see more photos.

Anthony also returned in December to talk to students who had seen Rent and to answer their questions and sign autographs. Below are two photos from that event.

October 2005 was a busy month! We hosted visits from deans from the Steinhardt School of Education -- and from one of the stars of the classic film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. (That's a grown-up Violet, the human blueberry, meeting residents and signing autographs above. See more photos of the Wonka event.)

We also sponsored the first Third North Trivia Challenge -- kicking off a series of such contests. Each member of the winning team walked away with a $30 gift certificate for Virgin Megastore, and runners-up and two audience members won DVDs, TV soundtrack CDs, and TV trivia books!

We also took part in some smaller-scale events -- including a photography workshop for the "Through the Lens" Discovery Floor. Since Craig has been a professional photographer for years, he's really looking forward to working more with that group again this year, and we're planning some building-wide photography-related events. Stay tuned for info about that.

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